Day 24 : Spiked Chocolate Mousse

First off, let me just say that we do NOT always eat like this lol.  From the past few recipes it might seem like we are quite gluttonous, but I assure you we normally try to keep things a bit more balanced.  And the nights that I make the drinks or desserts I try to eat healthier for that day at least.  Let’s just pretend like I haven’t already had pizza, a mocha, and this mousse today….. ok? LOL.  I can see I need to try to include some healthier options though soon, it’s just so hard because there are so many great things I want to make for this blog!  I might have to just accept that for the next 11 months and 6-7 days at least I will just not be quite as thin as I’d prefer.

Anyway, this is a FANTASTIC dessert, and the recipe that inspired it claims it is a fail-proof method.  The original recipe calls for semi-sweet chocolate chips, but I prefer darker chocolate myself and used bittersweet chips for this.  It doesn’t melt as easily so you may end up with little chunks of chocolate still, but to me that is one of the best parts.  It’s sort of like having chocolate chip mousse!  I was wanting to shake things up a bit and try adding a flavor to this and after rummaging through my cupboards I decided on some Chocolate Mint Bailey’s Liquor.  I figured the kids already couldn’t have any because I would not feed my baby raw eggs, and probably not my 4 year old either (who actually had an egg allergy anyway), so why not spike it?!

I am trying to get better at setting up my shots as well, so I tried something a bit different tonight and went with a more romantic atmosphere for these shots.  I used some Christmas lights in my plant, and tried to keep it to a darker exposure.  Trickier than it looks for sure to get the right balance!  Anyway I think I like how it turned out.


Spiked Chocolate Mousse

Serves : 4                          Time to make : 20 minutes + chill time

Ingredients :

  • 1 C. bittersweet chocolate chips
  • 4 eggs, seperated
  • 5 T. boiling water
  • 2 T. Chocolate Mint Bailey’s
  • Whip Cream
  • Candy Cane (for garnish)

Directions :

  1. Grind chocolate chips in a food processor with short pulses until fine.
  2. Add boiling water to the chocolate to melt it stirring until smooth.
  3. Add egg yolks one at a time, mixing well after each.
  4. Add Baileys and mix well.
  5. In a medium bowl, beat egg whites with electric mixer until stiff peaks form.
  6. Gently fold in the chocolate to the egg whites, pour into dessert glasses, and chill until set and ready to serve.
  7. Top each glass with whip cream and crushed candy canes.



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