Day 54 : Schmooze

Well, it’s been another hectic day at our house with sick kids.  This means I didn’t have much time to cook today and really nobody was very hungry anyway.  Instead I decided to try and lighten their spirits while helping to settle their stomachs at the same time.  I figure the vitamin C in the SunnyD would only be helpful as well to boost the immunities and maybe…just maybe… keep me from catching whatever has now plagued everyone else in my house!  So please excuse the simplicity of today’s recipe….

I have no idea where this drink got it’s name, but it was something I came across a few years back when my oldest was a little older than my youngest is now.  He loved taking little sips off my drink then and we have made it many times since then.  I actually made a large batch of it for the birthday party last weekend and it seemed to be a hit.  It’s quite refreshing and not too sweet at all.

Normally it’s just made with the Sunny D and 7up, but every once in a while I like to add a little grenadine to sweeten it up and give it a little twist.  Grenadine is basically high fructose corn syrup of course…. so not the best thing in the world to be giving kids lol…. but I think moderation is key!  It also creates a beautiful color!  You can even make it more fun for kids by freezing some colored ice cubes ahead of time.



Serves : 1        Time to make : just a minute

Ingredients :

  • 8oz Sunny D (or you can use any other orange juice)
  • 8oz 7-up
  • ice
  • grenadine syrup to taste (optional)

Directions :

  1. Pour the orange juice and 7-up over ice in a tall glass and enjoy!
  2. If opting to use the grenadine just put a little over the ice before pouring in the juice and soda.

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