Hey everyone

I am going to be unable to put up a recipe tonight.  It’s been one heck of a crazy day with a power surge frying our router so this is the only way I can get internet…. meaning NOT my computer. My camera files can only be handled by my computer and I don’t want to deal with the hassle of doing it all through the phone because it really is a PITA.  Then on top of that something seems to have happened to our oven and it no longer works… probably the same power surges. 

We just spent all evening getting a new tv since our bedroom one also ended up fried today and we use that to put my youngest to sleep (background music), a new router, and a few other things and after all that to come home and find the oven not working was just too much.  I still have a mountain of editing to do somehow as well so this is just going to have to be the first day I fall behind.  It’s sad because I have found a way even on days of sickness, but I need to realize that just because I miss a day doesn’t mean I failed… or at least I hope you won’t think so.  I fully intend on making this day up, and honestly I could use a day off.  Blogging every single day is harder than it sounds… and I am still doing that part at least… just no recipe.

So anyway, to sum things up… bad day, taking the night off from my recipe schedule, and not feeling guilty about it lol.  I think I may also take a vacation sometime this summer and I was worried about keeping up with this, but I think now I will just extend the time if I do that and just make it about the 365 days and not worry about them being consecutive.

Thanks for understanding!

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