Me again…

Looks like another night of no recipe.  Was going to try to get to the store to find a non stove/oven recipe since it’s still not working and is going to likely cost more than it’s worth to fix it, but that never happened since I was woke up by my son letting me know he killed “a bunch of ants” in the kitchen…. HUH?!  I went out there assuming I’d find maybe one or two since we really don’t usually have ant problems here but sure enough there were probably about 100 tiny ants near the sliding door in our kitchen feasting on a couple of the dry fruit loops that had fallen out of sight.  So I spent a long time cleaning up that mess, searching for similar groups of them behind other pieces of furniture, and just generally giving the kitchen a thorough cleaning.

Then the rest of the day I had a very whiny teething baby on my hands and couldn’t put him down for more than a minute so rather than try to get a list together and head to the store we opted out for Mexican to a local place we like that has good food, GREAT chips and salsa, and smiley fries (oh so important for a 4 year old).  I even had a lovely margarita to relax since I wasn’t driving.

So you’ll have to excuse me again tonight, and maybe a day or two more as we try to settle things down here.  I may get a chance to make it to the store tomorrow but we do have friends stopping by so it’s hard to say.  Thanks for sticking with me through this little bump in the road!


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