Baked Fish Fillets with Lemon & Red Capsicum

Do you know what a capsicum is?  I do…. now.  I admit I had to look it up.  It is red bell pepper.  The recipe gives directions for roasting your own, but unless you really want to and have the time, I would just cheat and buy them from the store, which is exactly what I did because I DON’T have the time to be roasting red peppers on a weeknight after grocery shopping.  As it was we already had to eat dinner after 7, which isn’t something I like to do if I can help it.  Luckily once I got home and got things put away this dish came together fairly quickly.

I made some roasted red potatoes to go with it, which was a nice pairing, but it did take a little longer to get dinner on the table since they had to be in the oven longer than the fish.  The blog I got this from suggested steamed baby potatoes as a good side, and I don’t know much about steaming potatoes, but perhaps that is quicker if you really want to get dinner on the table in a short amount of time.

The colors of this dish were just gorgeous.  The sauce was a vibrant red/orange color and then you throw in the green of the parsley and the white fish and it’s just a piece of art really.  I don’t know that I have had many (if any) fish dishes with a red sauce, so this was different for me, but it was a good different.  I really liked the sauce, and felt it was a good balance of flavor with the lemon, coriander, garlic and of course the red peppers.  I have had red pepper sauce in a few pasta dishes before as well, and I really like the change from the usual tomato based sauces.  If you haven’t tried it before I suggest you do!

The only change I made to this recipe was to throw a bit of lemon zest over the dish before baking it to really brighten the flavor and bring that subtle lemon flavor out more.  Not my best picture, but as I said, it was getting rather late and fish really isn’t good cold lol.  Red sauces can be quite tricky to photograph and something like this where you can’t even really see the protein makes it even  harder!


Baked Fish Fillets with Lemon & Red Capsicum

Serves : 6       Time to make : 40 minutes (plan ahead to roast your peppers which will add to the time)

Ingredients :

  • 1 large red capsicum, or 1 cup chopped store bought capsicum (I actually found one smaller jar of roasted red peppers to equal about a cup when chopped so used the entire jar)
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 2 T. water
  • 3 tsp. coriander seed (I only had ground coriander so used about 2-2.5 tsp.)
  • 1/2 tsp. ground white pepper
  • salt to taste
  • 6 fillets of firm white fish such as cod or tilapia  (approx. 4oz each)
  • salt and ground white pepper to taste
  • 4 or 5 dried basil leaves
  • lemon zest (optional)
  • 1/3 cup chopped fresh parsley

Directions :

  1. Heat oven to 200˚C (approx. 400˚F). Cut the capsicum into quarters, removing the membrane and seeds. Place onto a baking tray skin side up and roast until the skin has blackened. Immediately place the roast capsicum into a bowl and cover with a plate making sure it’s a tight fit.  Once cooled the skins will peel off the capsicum pieces.
  2. Place the capsicum, garlic, olive oil, coriander seeds, lemon juice, water, salt and ground pepper into the bowl of a food processor. Process until smooth.
  3. Season the fish fillets with salt and white pepper and place in an oiled baking dish. Pour the capsicum puree over the fish, scatter the bay leaves (also sprinkle on the lemon zest if you choose to use it) and place in the oven for approximately 20 minutes at 200˚C (approx 400˚F). Test fish is ready by inserting the point of a knife into the center of a fillet. If the fish is white and flaky it is ready. If not, place back in the oven for another few minutes.
  4. Sprinkle the chopped parsley over the fish and serve at once.

Recipe from The Cook Who Knew Nothing


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