Missing Photos

Just a quick announcement/apology.  I noticed today, while browsing my site on my ipad, that some of my older images weren’t showing up.  I realized it was the images placed through an old photobucket account (most if not all the earlier shots), which ironically I can’t seem to get into to see what’s up.  I fear I have lost access to it since I signed up with an alias at the time.  Anyway, I noticed they do show up for me on my computer, so perhaps it’s another issue, but I just wanted to apologize as I know half of what draws someone into a recipe is the photo, and it just looks unprofessional to have them missing.  I will try to fix the issue, but it’s quite possible I won’t be able to figure it out.

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Coming Up!

Hey everyone.  Wow, I know I have been MIA still, but I have a good reason.  My family recently packed up and moved a couple of states west, and are now residing near Portland OR!  Having just arrived last week, we are still settling in and likely will be for some time, but with the lovely Fall weather on the horizon I am getting very excited to start cooking and baking more again.


I think I have learned by now not to set a time limit for myself lol, but don’t be surprised if in the near future you start seeing recipes posted up by me again.  Right now we are in a simple, inexpensive mindset when it comes to meals as we settle into a new place in our lives, and with that there tends to be a lot of repeat meals.  So I can’t promise there will be many for a while to share, but when I come across a good one I will make sure to post it on here.  Afterall, I am sure many of you would appreciate something quick, simple and inexpensive for the menu from time to time as well.

Happy Fall!

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I am so happy to see that even with my current inactivity that people are still finding my blog and hopefully enjoying all the previously shared recipes. I wanted to say that I have not forgotten about this, and though things are crazy busy right now with my business and getting ready for a family vacation coming up in which we will be gone for a few weeks I just haven’t had the time to dedicate to this that I wish I did. Given all that is going on, I figured it would be best to just wait until we were back to start sharing on here again, so I hope all you dedicated readers will have patience with me for just a bit longer and not give up! We’ve been doing a lot of repeat recipes (when I actually cook) in my house lately so there hasn’t been much to share, but I have many recipes in mind for later on!  We will get back from our vacation towards the end of August so enjoy the rest of your summer and I hope to “see” you all when I get back!

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A Hard Decision

After much thought and many nights agonizing over the issue I have decided to lighten the load so to speak and make this blog a bit more casual.  I still fully intend to do 365 days of recipes…. they just won’t necessarily be consecutive.

With the recent hiatus due to oven troubles and having to take a break I actually realized just how much I really needed the break.  This was always meant to be a fun thing, and it was at the start, but with the chaos of life there are just many days I scramble to find something for the recipe that day, and it adds a lot of stress to my day that I just don’t need.

Other people kept telling me not to be so hard on myself and to not worry about missing a day, but I felt like in doing so I would be failing in some way…. and maybe to a point I am, but I have to look at the grand scheme of things and honestly this is not top priority.  A stressful me, makes for a lot of issues that I would rather just avoid at home.

So now instead of making sure to have one every single day I am going to do them as I have a chance, and assume I will end up with a few a week on average this way.  I have to admit, when I started this I knew it would be tough, but I don’t think I truly understood just HOW tough it could get.  I totally commend those that are able to keep up with projects like this every single day.  I also wanted to say I appreciate my readers, and I realize it’s not like you are on the edge of your seat each night waiting for me to post up my newest recipes, but I like to think that there are those that are following me each day.  So I promise to finish this, it will just be a bit longer of a journey than I had originally anticipated!

Thanks for reading and understanding,


a.k.a  Culinary Explorer

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Off schedule…

Jeff was gone for the day, which threw our schedules way off.  So I had a pretty rough day with the kids and the time I had set aside to do my recipe today did not happen.  Rather than scramble with the kids and try to cook something last minute I am just going to let the day go and pick back up where I left off tomorrow.  Hope you all had a better day than I did!


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Short Hiatus

Rather than ramble on every day for the next week about how and why I can’t do a recipe that day I am just going to come right out and say that I am taking the week off…. or rather I will be taking a break until our new oven is here and installed and I can get back to some semblance of normalcy in our meals here. So it may be a week or slightly more.

While I originally wasn’t planning to take the full time, and hoped to at least keep up with my blog daily I just feel like coming here every day to report a failure was bringing me down and making me THINK I truly was failing even though I have EVERY intention of picking back up again.  I just think I needed this little break…. with so much going on lately, and just having done this already for almost 150 days it’s nice to relax for a while and not worry about getting a new recipe that day and then blogging that night.

So more than likely over the course of this next week I will be off enjoying the times I DON’T have to cook and recharging my batteries to come right back and dig my heels into finding many more recipes to share with you all.  Thanks again for reading and understanding why I need this break.  See you all in about a week!


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Seriously… I’m not giving up!

I know it seems like I am failing since this is now the third day I must leave you without a delicious recipe to drool over, but I PROMISE I am NOT giving up on this task.  The good news, is that we did order a new range oven today…. the bad news is that it won’t be here until next Friday, and then the installment is still up in the air as of this moment.

Of course there are plenty of recipes to be made that do not require the oven, however I have not yet been able to make it to the store, and my reserves are running quite low.  I am sad to say we have been eating out a LOT this week.  As soon as I have a day where I can do some serious meal planning and shopping I will be able to get SOMETHING up on here, but until then I appreciate your patience and your faith that I will return to this!

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Me again…

Looks like another night of no recipe.  Was going to try to get to the store to find a non stove/oven recipe since it’s still not working and is going to likely cost more than it’s worth to fix it, but that never happened since I was woke up by my son letting me know he killed “a bunch of ants” in the kitchen…. HUH?!  I went out there assuming I’d find maybe one or two since we really don’t usually have ant problems here but sure enough there were probably about 100 tiny ants near the sliding door in our kitchen feasting on a couple of the dry fruit loops that had fallen out of sight.  So I spent a long time cleaning up that mess, searching for similar groups of them behind other pieces of furniture, and just generally giving the kitchen a thorough cleaning.

Then the rest of the day I had a very whiny teething baby on my hands and couldn’t put him down for more than a minute so rather than try to get a list together and head to the store we opted out for Mexican to a local place we like that has good food, GREAT chips and salsa, and smiley fries (oh so important for a 4 year old).  I even had a lovely margarita to relax since I wasn’t driving.

So you’ll have to excuse me again tonight, and maybe a day or two more as we try to settle things down here.  I may get a chance to make it to the store tomorrow but we do have friends stopping by so it’s hard to say.  Thanks for sticking with me through this little bump in the road!


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Hey everyone

I am going to be unable to put up a recipe tonight.  It’s been one heck of a crazy day with a power surge frying our router so this is the only way I can get internet…. meaning NOT my computer. My camera files can only be handled by my computer and I don’t want to deal with the hassle of doing it all through the phone because it really is a PITA.  Then on top of that something seems to have happened to our oven and it no longer works… probably the same power surges. 

We just spent all evening getting a new tv since our bedroom one also ended up fried today and we use that to put my youngest to sleep (background music), a new router, and a few other things and after all that to come home and find the oven not working was just too much.  I still have a mountain of editing to do somehow as well so this is just going to have to be the first day I fall behind.  It’s sad because I have found a way even on days of sickness, but I need to realize that just because I miss a day doesn’t mean I failed… or at least I hope you won’t think so.  I fully intend on making this day up, and honestly I could use a day off.  Blogging every single day is harder than it sounds… and I am still doing that part at least… just no recipe.

So anyway, to sum things up… bad day, taking the night off from my recipe schedule, and not feeling guilty about it lol.  I think I may also take a vacation sometime this summer and I was worried about keeping up with this, but I think now I will just extend the time if I do that and just make it about the 365 days and not worry about them being consecutive.

Thanks for understanding!

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Blog issues

I just wanted to let you know that I am aware of the issue when viewing my blog on either IE, or Chrome and am looking into it.  I guess on those two browsers it is viewing all green and messed up.  It is working perfectly fine on Firefox for me, so if you have that go ahead and use it for viewing.  If anyone has any insight into the issue I would love to hear it!





From what I have found so far on the topic, it looks as if certain browsers have issues with wordpress from time to time.  They recommend viewing with firefox for best performance, otherwise they suggest you try clearing your cookies or cache.  Or even changing your browser settings.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Culinary Explorer : 365 days of food!

Like so many others, I find myself bored…  As a SAHM my life is anything BUT boring, but lately I find myself stuck in a rut of the same old stuff.  And honestly, I feel unmotivated and dare I say…. lazy! lol  I hope that in starting this blog, and the committment that comes along with it, I will be able to shake things up a bit and get out of my slump.  It is my intention to prepare a different recipe every day for a year and to share that with all of you along with my review of said recipe and occasionally a photo as well.  You may have seen the movie Julie and Julia…. I guess in a way this will be sort of like that.  There won’t be any speicific theme to the recipes I choose, but I hope instead it will just be a good mix with a little something for everyone.  I don’t promise that the commentary will always be riveting, but I will do my best.

First things first…. How about an introduction for those who don’t know me.  I like to think that maybe someone other than my sister will be reading this lol.  My name is Alicia, and Culinary Explorer has been my handle now for a few years on the wonderful recipe sharing site Food.com (formerly known as RecipeZaar).   My husband’s name is Jeff, and we have two amazing little boys together, Perrin (4) and Archer (9months).  As I mentioned above, I am a SAHM, but I also own a photography business called Alicia Welcome Photography.  I have always enjoyed cooking/baking and a few years ago discovered a hobby in food photography as well.  I have tried hundreds of recipes, and at times in our house we literally eat a new dish every single night.  Lately though it’s been more take-out than anything…. ssshh!  That is another reason I wanted to start this.  I need to get BACK to cooking at home, and back to healthier choices!

Anyway, I haven’t yet decided when I will officially start, but likely it will be soon.  So please check back often and follow along.  Maybe I’ll learn something of myself in this year, or maybe I’ll just have a bunch of new recipes to enjoy over and over…. either way is a win in my book!


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